Elevate & Anchor

Elevate and Anchor Tea Shop & Studio is a place where customers can focus on health and overall well-being located in beautiful British Columbia.

Our vision is to create a space for clients to enjoy our relaxing atmosphere while tasting a variety of ready-made & custom blended teas. Our custom teas will be offered through our apothecary style service covering a variety of ailments. Clients can choose to learn about tea and sample our products, participate in wellness classes and seminars, or shop through a variety of locally-sourced merchandise. Teas and herbs will be purchased through local farms and blended on-site. Frequently we will offer wellness workshops, which will include Naturopathy, Nutrition, women’s Health, yoga, Tea-Blending, and more!

Elevate & Anchor is a place where customers can shop, learn or simply a space for the tea-loving community to come together get their Chai while elevating their Chi.

My mission is to improve the health and overall well being of the community in a holistic fashion while supporting local Artists and farmers. I will give back to the local community by hosting an annual fundraiser event for breast cancer research.